What nourishes the ocean

can nourish your skin


30+ years of science to sustainably capture the power of the life giving microorganism

Marine Botanical Handmade Soap

Experience the nutritional essence of phytoplankton in our marine botanical facial cleansing bar. Train your skin to retain moisture while gently removing impurities from deep within your pores.

Phyto-Plankton Essence Starter

Designed to maintain your skin’s oil and water balance, our Marine Botanical Toner will leave your skin feeling smoother, looking clear, and ready for the rest of your STELLA MARe routine.

Beauty can be

We've harnessed the ocean's most nutrient-rich microorganism, phytoplankton, into our science-based sustainable skincare. Not only are these tiny organisms the building blocks of all life in the ocean, but they also provide vitamins and minerals needed for our healthy glowing skin.

Complete your skin care routine

  • Phyto-Plankton Essence Starter
    Marine Botanical Toner
    Coming Soon
  • Phyto-Plankton Super Booster
    Marine Botanical Serum
    Coming Soon
  • Phyto-Plankton Perfect Finisher
    Marine Botanical Moisturizer
    Coming Soon
  • Phyto-Plankton Facial Soap
    Marine Botanical Handmade Soap
    Coming Soon
  • Sustainably
    the star of the sea

    Thoughtfully eco-conscious and it goes beyond product and packaging. We strive to make a positive impact, dedicated to producing our ingredients sustainably while constantly evolving our process lines to use lesser natural resources such as water and energy.

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    Dermatologically Tested & Hypoallergenic

    Eco-Conscious Packaging

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