Meet our Founder

Dr. Chung Soon Im, Founder of Stella Mare, CEO of its parent companies, Phycoil Biotech Korea, and Phycoil Biotechnology International. He received his doctorate degree from Brown University and undergraduate degree in Botany from Seoul National University. His love for botany, advancements in sustainable cultivating technology and passion for creating a more sustainable cycle, is what fueled the creation of Stella Mare.

Stella Mare The Star of the Sea

Stella Mare (Stella: Star, Mare: Sea) creates amazingly effective, safe, and earth-friendly skincare products conceived by botanists with sustainability in mind.

Stella Mare was born when botanists, in a small laboratory in California, uncovered marvelous skin rejuvenation properties of 'Phytoplankton' - underwater microscopic plants that appeared first in the early days of the earth, even before land plants existed.

Realizing the potential and evolving consumer need for plant-based ingredients with potent skin restorative properties, the active ingredients from several proprietary phytoplankton were isolated, evaluated for safety and efficacy, and formulated into groundbreaking personal care products.

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